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Invisible Discipline 

Invisible Discipline is a Toronto-based boutique organizational effectiveness consultancy. We tap into a network of experts to change the way organizations win. Our approach uses evidence-based behaviour-science approaches to identify problematic habits and biases, replacing them with those that generate a culture of collaboration, productivity, and innovation.



We wake up every day to help leaders feel proud of each decision they make at work – big or small. 


We break the spin cycle of ineffective decision-making within organizations. Minimizing risk, wasted time, and frustration. Unleashing empowerment, engagement, and excellence.



We operate like a third rail – the power source providing energy and guidance to keep momentum on track.

These guiding principles shape our behaviour and all that we do. 


See the unseen

Drawing out what is already there – and strengthening muscles that drive performance. 


Look around corners 

Considering different perspectives to fight biases and see first degree, second degree, third degree consequences.


Be the energy

Changing the way we work requires energy and discipline.

During my years facilitating strategic planning, leadership development, and cultural transformation, I consistently heard leaders frustrated by stagnant productivity, risk-aversion, lack of accountability, poor communication, and ineffective decisions.


I founded Invisible Discipline because I was tired of watching leaders work so hard through these frustrations just to achieve mediocrity.


Invisible Discipline improves organizational performance at the source – activating leaders’ decision-making muscles to drive sustainable systemic change.


With 20 years of uncovering insight to shape or shift human behaviour, Christi helps leaders develop successful solutions that stick.

Christi Mertens is a behaviour change specialist, executive facilitator, certified coach and change management practitioner.

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